The general and technical project management aspects: financial (budget, costs), efforts (capacities, realisation), technical (RTD work) and communication with the EC is handled by the Coordinator of the project. Fraunhofer IAO has a long history of successful project management in numerous European-funded R&D projects. The aim is to establish a (lean) (i.e. simple and clear) breakdown of project work, associated partner roles and communication channels to ensure an efficient and seamless project workflow. The project management structure and the common communication channels are presented in the figure below: Three levels of project management are defined for the duration of the project. Each work package (with its tasks and Task Leaders) is placed under the direct responsibility of a Work Package Leader (WPL), who reports directly to the Coordinator and the Project Management Board (PMB). Besides this, the specific targeted management roles of a Dissemination Manager and an Exploitation Manager are also set up for the associated project activities.

Project Management Structure indicating main Communication Channels

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